penguin army


Come join the Penguin Army today! 

Here we fight against the manatees to rule the world. We also make awesome crafts! Let’s unite to fight Lord Farquaad who is one with the manatees.

Penguins are better than manatees because penguins live forever! They are so much cuter and lovelier.
Here are some interesting penguin facts:

  • Lord penguin has three eyes (one is invisible). 
  • The best type of penguin is the Emperor Penguin. 
  • Penguins have wings but cannot fly. 
  • Penguins give each other pebbles as gifts. 
  • A group of penguins in the water is called a raft but on land they're called a waddle. 
  • There are 18 species of penguin. 
  • The oldest penguin fossils are 62 million years old. 
  • Penguins poop every 20 minutes.